Spring is near!

Since a few days we have a really funny weather: Sun, wind, rain, cold, hot,… everything almost at the same time.

But spring is coming:


Our first strawberries here in the Algarve and they are really tasty. We hope to get many layers to reproduce and multiply the plants.

Besides that we harvested our first Fava-beans and they’re also very good. But it’s difficult to plan how many beans you can eat now and how many you have to leave to have seeds again next year.

20180324_132208 klein.jpg


Loam Construction Workshop

You’re looking for something alternative for your Pentecost-holidays?

Here it is:

This year, we will offer a workshop of loam construction between 18th and 22nd of May for everybody, who is interested!

Flyer Pentecost.jpg

Raindrops falling on my head…

Finally we had some rain… pretty much rain! 🙂

Since last spring there was almost no rain and the little water, that came down in the last months was not enough to let any plants grow. We were a little bit worried about that, as the draught of last year was really hard for nature and agriculture. Here we really understand the importance of life-giving water.

But for the last 3 weeks it was raining! And raining, and raining… And now nature awakes and everything is getting green.









You can see some potatoes, salads, onions and fava beans in our garden and it looks great 🙂



Also our lake, that is still not finished, is full of water. The picture is not very clear, but you can see, that the lake is almost full. Of course, the water will seep away over a short time, because the ground is not waterproof, but at least the water already knows, where it should be 😀

For now it’s enough rain and it already has stopped to rain for now. Now nature needs time for its revival and it would be perfect, if we get more a little rain in April and May before the heat and drought of the summer come back. But we’re optimistic 🙂

The second wall – part one

We changed our plans on how to go on with the the loam house a few times. At the beginning we wanted to make the house completely out of loam with different methods, but then we decided to use also different materials.

The wall on the opposite of the first wall is on the North side and normally, wind and rain are coming of the North on our site. So we had to use something more weatherproof than loam and as we really love the look of those stones on our site, we decided to make a stone wall there.

So Nuno (and Zorro, of course) took our new trailer to bring stones up to the house. At the moment, I am in Germany, so unfortunately I couldn’t help them 😦

But with the help of our neighbour, the guys did an amazing work in just a few days!


It’s a very hard work to keep all those stones, to break them, when they are too big or when the form is not fitting and to build them up to a wall… wow! 🙂


You can see the two windows, that we brought of a building lot. They were supposed to be thrown away, but we kept them. The window on the top is cut out of a old front door. You can also see four bottles integrated in the wall. We found some beautiful light blue wine bottles, which we want to use. We will show in another article, how we prepared them…

Inside we will cover the wall with a special mix of loam and natural colours. At least, this is the plan for now… 😉


In the last picture you can also see, that we first planned a door on that wall, but we haven’t found an old door, that we could use… so we closed it, too. You see, have to be quite flexible with this project 🙂

Some kind of snow…

Do we have snow in the Algarve? Normally not…

But now in January and February we have something similar: Almond blossoms 🙂 Beautiful white and light pink flowers, slowly falling down from the trees.


There is also a beautiful story about the “Almond princess” in Portugal. I don’t remember the exact story, but it was something like that:

A Portuguese king married a princess of the North and she moved to the Algarve to live there. But she was so sad, because she missed the snow of her homeland so much. So her husband had an idea: He planted hundreds of almond trees and in the winter all the nature was covered with beautiful, soft, white flowers and with a little imagination, it looks like snow:



Our new/old trailer

As we have a lot of stones on our site, we want to use more of them for our constructions. But our backhoe isn’t working very well at the moment, we have to repair a part. So He tried to find an alternative to bring those stones up the hill and near our loam house, where we want to use them.

And so He adapted the coupling device of a trailer we have, so that it can be adhered to our small tractor. He had to make some inventions but it works 🙂IMG_20180129_170824.jpgNow we can bring our stones up and go on with our works on the loam house. We’re really motivated to finish our loam house this year and to have great guests, who also want to leave some marks here 🙂