Water filters and plastic waste

We decided to delete the page about the water filters, as we don’t want to sell them more. It’s not rentabel for us.

But nevertheless we think, it is a good idea using water filters instead of plastic bottles. This year in August we really saw the difference, when His whole family lived with us for a month in the holiday house and did NOT use plastic bottles! 🙂 (At least not as much as before, because I refilled them every day with filtered tab water^^)bild-wasserfilter.jpgIn Portugal the tab water normally is potable, but it tastes not good, because it’s chlorinated. So most of the people buy big plastic bottles of drinking water, which is a really big amount of plastic waste coming together every day. For us this was not acceptable so we looked for water filters. We installed it in January 2017 in the holiday house in Portugal and it’s working really good for now. It was easy to install, the taste of the water is amazing and we’re really happy that we are able to live without plastic bottles.

To buy water filters is for sure not the solution of the problem of unpotable water. It’s quite frightening to see that there is more and more water unpotable because of all the pollution. This is the real problem, that should be solved. And of course, the filter is made out of plastic, too…

But we think, it’s still a better solution than using a big amount of plastic bottles EVERY DAY ending up in the trash.

Besides this: Maybe you already heard about the “Great Pacific garbage pack”? It is a area of concentrated plastic garbage with roughly the size of Europe swimming in the Pacific Ocean… Maybe you remember this the next time you’re thinking about buying water in plastic bottles.

Just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean, it’s not there.



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