Back from Flower Paradise

We’re back and we were very happy to see everything growing and developing in Portugal. The flower and colour variety is quite astonishing. Here are some pictures we made of our site:

Blumen Mai 2017.jpg

But we didn’t just enjoy the flowers, we also worked. Our neighbour made some beautiful steps on the side of the water tank and also finished the walls for the showers.



Last January we made the fundament of the showers, so our neighbour could go on to build the walls. It’s amazing as all of these stones are of our site and he had really much work to keep them, to bring them up, to break them if needed and to build the wall with them… We’re so grateful for his help! 🙂

Unfortunately the tank is not completely waterproof, but as some of the stones have quite big holes, this was not a big surprise. Now we will have to find a solution to close it completely. 20170524_200818.jpg

We also reconnected the water system for the trees as it is getting really hot now.

I had a lot of work in the herb garden, as it was really difficult to find the herbs between all of the wild plants. I used the weed to cover the herb beds.


Besides this we harvested some kind of Portuguese beans (favas) and made the vegetable garden together with His father so we and His family will be able to eat our own vegetables again in August. His father will care for this garden until August.20170524_1236572.jpg


That’s it for now 🙂

We made as much as possible what we could do in these few days and we’re quite pleased with our work.

Now we’re looking forward to August while we finish our compost toilets.


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