Portugal in t – 6 days

Next week we will visit our terrain in Portugal again. As we just have one week of holidays we will have to fly. But we’re very excited to see, what’s growing on the site and how it develops.

The last weeks were quite busy, but we worked on our compost toilet, which we will install in August on the site. All the wood is recycled and we used a pallet to build the toilet on. The walls are separated, so we can put them in the car and just connect them afterwards in Portugal. Unfortunately they are a little bit too big to carry them in the plane…^^


The toilet is not finished yet. The toilet lid is just laid on the wood and we have to make the box under it. But the outer side is ready. As you maybe can see, He cut the wood in order that the rain water will not be able to seep inside.

Here are some more pictures of the process:



We also worked on our car to change it to a small camper, but this you will see in another article πŸ™‚

Besides this we still have free places for August! So if you’re interested, just contact us πŸ™‚ We’re looking forward to it!


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