3 weeks in portuguese winter

After Christmas we and my parents traveled again to our site in the Algarve to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and to go on with our works.

First of all, of course we had to see the wall. Though there were two waterlines damaging a little the outside of the loam wall, it looks quite good. Almost no cracks, nothing broken 🙂


On the inside of the wall there are some small cracks, because we didn’t have the time to finish the wall as we should have.


We didn’t have the time to fix the wall, but at least I fixed the holes in the plasticplane, which caused the waterlines.

The most important work in the last three weeks was the water system. We want to make two showers outside. There are enough showers in the holiday house, but we want to have everything what we need outside of this house, as it is the holiday house of His family. Next year we just want to use the bedrooms there 🙂

So we cleaned the ground and made the fundament for the showers. The walls will be out of stones of the site, like the fundament of the loam house. On the bottom left you see the small tank, where the dirty water will be connected. We had quite a lot of work to open the lines where now is the red tube.


The water will stop in another small tank, where will be a filter to clean the water. After this it floats into a small lake, where we want to put sand and some water plants, to clean the water. As we will just use natural cleaning products in the showers and we hope we find a good filter, the idea is that this mini lake can also be used by birds and other animals.


After the water is clean, it runs into the big tank, which our amazing neighbor had spent the last months building. It’s so big, you almost can call it a pool 🙂 He had used the stones of our site, which looks really beautiful.

We spend a whole day to make the fundament with concrete. We don’t like concrete that much, but we didn’t find a better way to close it completely without losing water afterwards.


While He and our neighbor spent the most time on this works, I and my parents began to create the herbal garden. It will be a garden with herbs for the kitchen and for teas, medicinal plants and eatable flowers. He had digged over the soil a little, so it was soft but very heavy thanks to the rain. We began to mark the trails of the garden with the stones laying everywhere and to plant the first plants we had.


When it began to rain again we saw that the rain water would run directly into the trails, so we decided to secure the trails with smaller stones and to create some rain water lines in order to keep the trails dry. This is also very comfortable when you want to pick out stones of the garden, you just have to let them drop on the trails:)


After that I distributed seeds of different wild flowers and other plants and we’re really excited how the garden will look like the next time we see it…

Besides this I was really happy to see my mushroom grow 🙂 Yes, I made a course last year, how to grow eatable mushrooms, because I really like mushrooms but I’m not talented in finding and identifying them, so I decided to grow my own mushrooms. I planted one of them last year in a piece of wood and it grew really beautiful and is quite tasty. The german name is “Austernseitling” 😉



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