The masterplan

Today we want to show you our plan of the site. We began to plan about two years ago and it has been changed a lot of times, because we try to adapt our works and plan to the already existing landscape and conditions. But I think now the most parts are fixed and there will be just small changes, so we can present it 🙂

The whole space has an inclination to the north, so the parts on the left are on the top of a hill, while the right side on the bottom is much lower. As you maybe know, Permaculture works with zones. Zone I for example is the area, where you stay every day, where are the elements, which need very much attention and care, while zone IV contains areas for animals, where you don’t have to be every day. This saves a lot of energy and time.


The entrance is on the left, so let’s begin there: the “Haupthaus” is the loam house, which we began to build last August. It will be kind of bureau, library and community room for everyone. Attached to this will be the kitchen with a food store room and the workshop. The small blue box on the right side of this complex is our water source.

For now we work mainly on the first two terraces, which will be the zones I and II. So we will have our vegetables, herbs, most important fruit trees and small animals like chicken and rabbits there. The big green bubbles are trees, which existed before (mostly almond and olive), the small green bubbles (more on the left) are the trees, which we planted last year.

The blue lines are lines, where the (rain) water would flow down the hill. We try to collect as much water as possible of the rain and guide it down into a lake. We already began to open the lake, but then our machine broke and we’ll have to repair it first.

The two grey circles in the middle of the plan are domes, which we will use as green houses. One of them already exists, the other will be similar. On the south-west of the domes we’re planning already some compost toilets, which we hope we can begin in 2017, too. A little bit more in the south we found a place quite convenient for a windmill, but this is not one of the first priorities now.

As you see the street going at the bottom of the plan from left for the right and also going down for the north-east, you see that the site is not finished there. The site is much larger than what we painted, but it’s too big for us for now, so we concentrate on what we have.

For December/January we will work on the showers (left on the top) and the first two terraces. Our neighbor already began to build the small water tank on the bottom (“Waschplatz”), where we will also collect (rain) water and where will be the place to wash clothes.


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