The dome in action

As I wrote in an former article, we constructed a wooden dome. We brought it to Portugal and built it up there, which was quite fast as we knew now how to make it 🙂

Then we covered it with woven fabric, which we had sewed together in Luxembourg before. This had been a really annoying and difficult work for us as some needles were broken, the threads were pulled off and the material was really heavy to move it smooth… But finally it was possible to make it with two persons, one sewing and one pulling the woven fabric.


You can see the old but amazing sewing machine…

So we fixed the fabric with wires on the wooden canes of the dome, which was not that easy, too. We had to roll the fabric on some parts to fix it really straight on the dome, which was important because of the strong wind in the Algarve. We also had to use other fabrics to cover, because the one we made was not enough. After this we put some heavy stones on top of the fabric on the floor to protect it against the wind. The door was made just by removing one of the canes.


The finished dome covering

When it was finished, we decorated the walls inside with painted clothes and covered the floor inside with some old carpets, a old sofa and some pillows made of old foam mattresses cut into pieces and filled in selfmade cloth covers.


Inside the dome

With a solar panel and a small car battery we collected enough energy to have light of our LED lamps all night long.


The dome and our dining table at night

Everybody loved the dome, there was just one problem: There was no wind inside and so by day it got quite warm in there, which made it a little uncomfortable. We opened the fabric on some points to get some fresh air inside, which made it a little better, but I guess a fan would have been much better 🙂

We also saw, that the plastic rings which we used as connectors are not strong enough to hold the dome for a long time, as they buckled with the pressure and the heat of the sun. It was ok for the two weeks, when we needed it, but we will have to exchange them for something more stable.


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