Welcome to Kohlcabana!

Schriftzug Kohlcabana

Step by step we, a Portuguese-German couple, try to get a little closer to our vision of a self-sufficient life. This is not a documentation of a running self-sufficiency, but the beginning of our personal way. We’re convinced that every change affects the context around, so by showing alternatives we want to encourage other people to rechange their thinking and do something different.

We also don’t want to achieve a complete autonomy, but try to be as free and sustainable as possible within the current society and maybe also change it a little.

On our site in the Algarve we began in 2014 to revegetate the eroded and unused land by planting trees, fertilizing the soil with green manure and installing a watering system. As we really appreciate the concept of Permaculture, we try to apply it as much as possible in our plans.

Our idea is to build up a space, where people can meet, enjoy the country, learn from each other and start something new. But as we cannot build this up alone, we invite people to help us, to learn, to teach and the same time to have great holidays just a few kilometers of the sea 🙂

We’ll see…Logo Kohlcabana.png



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